Heya, always nice to see a melodic song!

Intro - lasted a bit too long for me, but I suppose this track would be the 7 minute epic ballad on the album rather than the thrash opener =D

Verse 1 - Really nice verse

Chorus - You really should consider doing something more with the bass here

Verse 2 - Good; maybe harmonize Guitar 2 at the last part?

Chorus - Again, perhaps do something more with the bass; good though

Bridge - Nice, mellow, good transition

Solo - Really nice

Verse 3 - The bend on bar 120 seems to last too short, might just be my midi engine though. Verse's good

Chorus - It's alright, but I expected something different (as it's the last chorus)

Outro - I love outro solos =D I personally would've not "ended" the lead, but kept playing despite fading out completely, but that's just preference. The outro mirrors the intro, nice stuff overall

Overall - Nice melodic ballad, but you should utilize the bass better. The acoustic guitar was mixed in a bit too loud. It's quite a nice song though!
All is ghost in memory and poison in the sun
Intro - Incredible wish i wrote that haha

Verse - Great change. Good potential for vocals over that

Chorus 1 - Like how you kept it clean. Very cool. love it

Verse 2 - Like the change to a distorted riff but the riff does nothing for me. Kind of blah

Chorus 2 - Hell yeah Depending on the lyrics that could be an epic chorus number 2

Solo - Beautiful- Dont change that

Verse 3 - clean verse is great once again

Chorus 3 - Should be distorted. that would be awesome

Outro - Beautiful thing man

All in all 8/10 - few riffs could be changed - buut great work man