Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could have some tips/advice for setting up my guitar. I recently bought a 2006 PRS SE single cut on craigslist that I am very happy with. Compared to my Epiphone silverburst Les Paul, which I sold to buy this PRS, the neck fits me perfectly. I have played these guitars at the store several times, and have never noticed a problem. I'm not sure if I'm just being too picky or if there is really a problem with the PRS I bought. Here's whats up: The person I bought the guitar from was a metal kind of guy. His action was really REALLY low so that everything buzzed so I decided to take it to a local guitar/ music store to get it set up. Bad idea. The guy did a good job with the action, but didn't really do much with the truss rod which apparently was dead straight. The problem I have is that the guitar buzzes too much when I pick, or strum moderately hard (buzzes acoustically). I have payed very close attention and the guitar buzzes on the entire neck. I will fret any note, and then the buzz will come from the next fret up, leading me to believe that the neck has insufficient relief. I have already done some searching around and I found the string gauges, action, pickup heights that come with this guitars out of the factory. Here are those links: http://www.prsguitars.com/csc/bridges.html http://www.prsguitars.com/csc/setup.html . Also I have tested raising the action really high and I still got the buzz. My theory is that I try to set up everything back to the way it was coming out of the factory and see if I have any real problems besides a shitty set up. Right now I have strings 9-42, the ones that come with all SE models, and I am working on adjusting the truss rod for more relief (I bought some nice feeler gauges which apparently the set up guy I took it to didn't even use!). The main problem that I have is that, searching online I have come across different ways of measuring neck relief. Some people say to fret the 1st and 12th fret and check the 6th. Some say to fret the 1st and the fret that meets the body and check the 7th fret. And then some say to check the first and last fret and check the 8th fret. I know that for a heavy strummed like me one would need a relief of at least .010, but measuring in these three different ways gives me different results! If I use the last fret method I have enough relief but my guitar still buzzes. If I check it using the 12th fret method, I don't have enough. I am really confused now, and I would greatly appreciate the help. THANKS!
I have been trying that for at least 3 days. I have loosened the truss rod 4 times with 1/8 turns waiting at least 12 hours in between. It has helped a little but the guitar is still buzzing and the rod is getting a bit tighter when I turn. I'm pretty sure I won't break the rod if I keep the relief in the range it is supposed to bend, but I'm not sure which way to measure it, since they all give me different results.
The frets is what I am now starting to suspect as I had already had the relief way over .010. I will try the action. I had a small buzz on the G string earlier because I noticed that the nut slot was too low and was causing the buzz. I put a small piece of foil underneath, which solved the problem until I replace the nut. The lower frets are not as bad; its around 5 that they start to really buzz. Would the nut even matter there since I am fretting the string? Thanks for the advice!
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Put a capo on the first fret. does it buzz after that?

No? Nut slots are too wide.
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