I have a I have a USA Fender Floydrose Classic Stratocaster Black with rose wood fret baord all stock That's for Sale or trade. Looking for just about anything recording preamps, comps, reverbs, 20 bit Adats Condenser or ribbon mics, other guitars acoustic or electric any brand or other fenders welcome too, Keyboards synths, Grestch drums, or what ever else you want to trade me or as always cash is king. Make me an offer.
Yeah I can get some pics up later on tonight sorry about that it's in great shape though no dings or anything I'll get the pics up on here.
trade for schecter s-1 elite with hardshell?
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Here is a pic of the case I had trouble uploading because the file sizes were to big. I'ts a 50th anniversary model made in the USA 2 American standard pickups on neck and middle and a dimazio paf pro on the bridge. I have some other pics let me know if I should post them one is a little bit closer pic of just the body.
I wish I could find an edit for my older posts on this forum. I just looked at the pic of the guitar. It makes the headstock looked messed up that's just the pic from me having to lower the resolution. If anybody wants I can get a better pic to show it is in perfect condition with logos and everything.