Hey, I'm kinda new to this, I've used UG for years but just made an account.
Looking for a decent valve combo and need some help deciding on which is best. I have a budget at the moment of about £449, maybe £500 at a stretch.

I'm thinking of either a Blackstar HT 20 Combo or Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo.

I'm aware the Peavey is much more powerful but I'm not gigging very often so that isn't really a big buying point for me. I play a variety of music but many Progressive rock and metal. (Porcupine tree, Tool, Opeth ... )

If you have any advice or input about either of these amps please comment or if you have any other amp recommendations.

If you want to play some serious metal than the 6505 is definatly the way to go. If you want a bit more versitility also check out the valveking. A mesa DC serie's amp might also be worth checking if you can find them
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