Ok so I'm working on a summer camp as a cook and I noticed that so many of our staff\camper vegetarians are fat lol More than half of them atleast.

I'm not saying they are super fat ( though there is one vegetarian girl who's pushing 300lbs lol) but more so pudgy.

Can anyone explain why?!
Maybe they eat lots of sugary foods to make up for no meat? Or just eat more in general.

Idk I'm a vegetarian yet I'm not fat.

^^or that.
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Because they don't want to get even fatter, so they go vegetarian, thinking it will help.
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They eat a lot of grain, which indeed can make you fat, and probably don't feel such a big urge to exercise like non vegetarians.
Also, don't forget that pizza doesn't have any meat. You have a whole lot of sugars, breads, oils, etc... that can make you fatter than meat.

Vegetarian != Healthy

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Vegetables can be fattening. You know when people put tons of dressing and other things on their salads? That's why.
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Are you sure they're not vegetarians because they're fat?

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I go veg. I'm not fat. Neither are any of my friends who go veg.

Maybe it's the opposite in Canada.
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maybe they are fat and they had just become vegitarians to lose the weight. dont think i ive met a fat vegitarian tho
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