I have a highway one Tele and was wondering if i could reshape the neck joint so its more like an ibanez neck joint. I was wondering if anyone has tried this or heard of it as it doesn't seem all that hard or original?
You'd need to take the neck plate off and use ferrules instead, then probably move the outermost screw on the treble side towards the body a bit. You'd have to keep the four screws, and make sure you had enough surface area with good, solid contact. You'd probably be limited to just sculpting the heel near that outermost screw, too.
are u gonna do it yourself?

Also if you do make sure you stick with the same wood as to not screw up the action
i'm assuming you want it for the ease of movement and what not but you can do it there's no reason y not. It's definitely a new idea for a telecaster.
I plan on doing it myself. I'm not even gonna change the neck. Just where it bolts to the body. Im thinking 1. Unbolt the neck and get rid of the neck plate. 2. Drill out the holes in the body for the four neck bolts so they will fit washers and i won't have to bend the neckplate to fit. 3. Sand down the neck joint. 4. Repaint. and 5. put it back together. Its kinda hard to believe that I am the only one who has thought of this. I saw a picture of an Ibanez neckjoint on musicians friend because i knew something was up if none of them were neck thru or set neck and it hit me to do it to my tele.
As long as you keep the heel about 1/2" thick you'll be fine, and if you do thin the heel the screws will go into the neck further and so be sure you do not thin the heel to the point where the screws come out of the fretboard.

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That would probably be bad for upper fretboard playing and tone so I'll keep it in mind. If they are too long would something from the local hardware store suffice or would I have to shorten them.