Hey UG'rs... I have been playing metal forever, but have grown tired of it and am looking for a decent beginner acoustic. I have narrowed it down to two, but I have no idea which one to go with.

The first is the Takamine G Series 341C

Or, the Ovation Celebrity CC24

I played both about two weeks ago and was still unsure. I thought I would ask for some opinions before I went back to the store and made my final decision.

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Id go got the tak
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if it were me, i wouldn't go for either, but if i had to choose between them, i'd also go for the tak. i suggest you try a yamaha fg700s.
tak for the mere reason because I dont see a point in ovations. they are odd shaped and when you play it without an amp it sounds very quite. Other then that taka's are very versitile you can hear it without an amp and with an amp ;D
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If it must be those two, the tak. Takamine and Ovation are actually under the same company, so they share technology for their electronics. The Ovation may sound nice amplified, but the Tak sounds nice acoustically or amped.
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