Ok, i'm talking Fender super 210 and bugera 200w 412 here.
Is this rediculous, e.g. too much speaker power for this amp? Not talking ohms, just watts because with wiring i guess you could make a cabinet every amount of ohms. Will it make the amp sound flat or anything?
I own neither yet but i can trade the fender for my cort accoustic and i still have a coupon for a local guitar store because i returned another amp there.
I think this would be a kickass setup, any comments?
I'd say if you feel like spending the extra cash, you'd be better off getting a quality 2X12 cab, like an Avatar or a Tont Tubby.
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Well, the thing is: at their webstore they've only got the 412 bugera a marshall valvstate cab, no 212's. But maybe i can order one... I guess fender has 2x12's for <500e? They only got fender marshall bugera and vox...

They really ripped me off, not giving me my money back btw, not a great long time customer binding strategy imho :P .
Just wanna come out and say that not providing a location or budget, either in the thread or profile, makes it nearly impossible for us to help you find something better than the steaming pile you're planning on buying.
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Ok, well thanks for the advice! I'll post some pics when the new setup arrives!
At least i know now i can better go with a 2x12 with better quality, i hope they got something!