So, I went on vacation, and got home today after 3 weeks. I plug in my guitar(which I brought with me to vacation) to my ht-5(winch was left home, unplugged from the socket), and it sounded different... is it normal for a valve amp to sound different if left unused and unplugged for to long? I think thinner, and more British sounding...

and besides, now I can´t seem to be able to get a pinch harmonic right...but that may be from being 3 weeks without doing one
I've heard that tube amps don't always sound the same, and that leaving them completely by themselves for extended periods time may alter the tone. As far as I know, the tone should also come back when you use the amp. I'm not quite sure about this stuff, but I've noticed that my Bugera 6262-212 doesn't always sound the same when I start playing, even if my rig and settings are the same. Then again, I've been playing with it quite actively and a lot for almost a year, so it might be that the wear on the tubes is starting to show.

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maybe it just doesn't sound the way you thought it sounded.
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I messed with screws in the bridge of my WRXT, can that ****up the harmonics?
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