I Just Wanted To Sleep - I like the relaxed, slower atmosphere this song has, it may sound like a bit of an odd thing to pick out, but I like the strum pattern of your chords!

You have a pretty good voice, too! However, I think it sounds a little...frail, you know? Like, it sounded like you were singing with your chest, when you should be singing with your stomach...I'm explaining this terribly, but I remember my music teacher saying you should sing with the warm air in the bottom on your lungs that the cold air in the top, if that makes any sense to you. It doesn't mean singer louder, it's just fully using your lungs, you know?

Special Man - Sorry, it sounded a bit country, and that isn't my area of expertise, so I don't know how to crit, sorry. Butg if that's the sound you were aiming for, you hit the nail on the head, kudos!

So yeah, you're a decent guitar, in the fact that your playing style suits acoustic music very well, such as the weight of the alternative strokes you use, and you have a good grip on chords. Your melodies are good too, and I can imagine if you played Special Man in a bar, it would be easy for people to sing along to. You have a good voice, it just needs a bit more work. Keep up the good work!

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hey man. listened to i just wanted to sleep. good song, good vocals if you're going for the elliot smith/bright eyes sort of thing. the guitar playing suits the style of music really well, and the mix isn't bad. a little bit of vocal effects and mixing wouldn't do any harm. overall a really nice song. good job sir.

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Just got back from vacation. "Wanted to Sleep": singing is pretty good, good vocal melody. Guitar playing sounds good audio & melody-wise. Reminds me of the Beatles (this is a compliment). "Special Man": basically the same comments. Guitar playing was good 95% of the time, a few spots were a bit loose. I think both recordings are good. I think you have talent.