well this will be my first time posting anything in here...

my bother and i started a little project a while back and we've been able to get 4 songs done that we're satisfied with. they're all fairly different styles, as we're both into quite a lot different music. we've got one more that's in the works right now, but it could be a while till that one is up.

any listens and critiques are appreciated. and yes, i'll return the favor if you link me up.

Listening to Leave me Alone. The rhythm is a little inconsistent in the guitar, but I'm loving the vocals. Reminds me of another singer...can't remember who at the moment.

The opening to picking up speed is really interesting. I like the style of guitar you have going there. The vocals seem slightly off but the guy still has a good voice, just needs some polish. The chorus seems weak to me. The song sorta falls apart there.

I'd say work on the rhythm side of things for the moment and you should be good to go. The vocals need better flow at times but there are a few sections that sound great. Nice job.