This is part of a concept album I wrote. The album is about a man who loses a loved one and begins to suffer from insomnia. The insomnia causes a hallucination of the woman he loved to appear before him and forces him to do a number of evil things. This is the final song off of the album.

I wrote it with a Progressive Death Metal feel so I hope you like it and any tips to improve it would be appreciated.

The Follower

Her wish is my command
Heading her every order
A sheep only meant to follow
My will is no longer my own
She is my light

Her image in pale skin
My adjuration to her will
Becoming one
And losing the other
A host for her grace
To use me
For desire

Too faint
To repossess my body
Giving in to her voice
Adoring the horror

Blinded by their hand
Seeing through their webs
Peering into the world
Filled with enemies

An empty shell
Held by strings
Emotionless left to decay

You are just an apparition
Left to perish by my hands
To be drowned in the mire where we reside

The water embracing you
The cooling water filling you
The dark liquid blinding you
Pressure pushing against your mind
From your death comes new life

Gliding elegantly across Adam's ale
Claiming her gift
You are now a slave
For eternity you will serve

Premonition of Alis
Leading me along this path
No reward in this ending
She is the one eternal

I am no longer
An instrument of death
The sins of your name
Will be reconciled here
Here in the bog

I am no longer
An instrument of her will
Never to escape
My sins accounted for
Here I am the follower