That was generous of you to call that 'vox' - the guy making the noise with his mouth sounds like he is dying painfully.

Other than that, the instruments sound good. It's quite tight, and the mix is pretty good as well. All in all, not a bad effort. If you sorted out the above mentioned flaw, you could have a very good song.

EDIT: guy, not gay
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Holy crap, check this out!
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That was pretty good, I was gonna say a little too short but the length fit it well. Lot of song squeezed into 2+ min. It was fairly well mixed. I think the double kick could juuuuust be a smidge louder, especially on that part near the end. Guitar sounded great, not TOO busy and TOO random like how a lot of Death Metal styled (yeah, I hate genrenizing too) are structured. Speaking of structure: well done!. I'll have to listen to it again to see if my mine changes but it probably won't. The vocals.....never been a fan of those type of vocals at all. I just usually put up with them because of the music that comes along with it. Overall, despite it's shortness and gutteral vocals, I'll give this an 8/10. Almost an 8.5/10 but not quite. Good job bro!

Here's mine


It's metal as well. Please critique if you get a chance. Thanks