I've been writing stuff on guitar pro 5 for a while now as a means to work on backing tracks which I plan to record guitar over. I recently got Acoustica Mixcraft and Addictive Drums to use instead of Mixcraft's drum set, because Addictive Drums sounds much more realistic to my ears.

The problem is, Addictive Drums seems to use different digits for each drum. So while a 46 in guitar pro is an open hi-hat, it's 56 in Addictive Drums. I've figured out all the conversions I need, but here's the problem:

Is there a fast way to replace all of a certain note in GP5 with another? Like selecting every 46 (but nothing else) and telling the program to change all those to 56's? It's painstaking to go back to all my old compositions and click through every note and replace it with what works in AD. Help?
Try exporting the drum track to midi in Guitar Pro and then import it in Addictive Drums (if it supports midi).