Hi I'm stuck in a big decision, one of my friends had asked me to play bass in their band, but the problem is that they live in another town. The band plays Death Metal basically. I've played guitar for 2 years and i recently bought myself a Gibson. I've played bass for 1 year also but another problem is that i might need a 5 string because their tuning is based on 7 string guitars, I'm not asking for you to suggest for a bass though because i could just slap on some heavy strings and tune to B standard or Drop A. If i choose to join the band i might have to sell my Gibson and buy another bass and I'm just in love with my guitar, i know it might be an easy decision for you but it seems quite hard for me . I have a Laguna LB524 and a Peavey MAX 158 Practice Combo.
no you should never switch between instruments. learning new instruments id good but to decide "i will be a bass player now and never touch guitar is stupid. Also, why would you have to sell you gibson if you already have a bass? maybe sell one of your cheaper guitars or get a job.
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well I'd say their is nothing wrong with shifting your focus more to bass to be in a band because you do improve quite a bit from working with other musicians, but don't completely quit guitar. Just make sure your having fun and improving.
Well if you're playing in a band, you'll most likely have to buy a bigger bass amp to keep up with the rest of the band (unless you have no drummer and the guitarists are using practice amps too). As for the switch, keep your guitar gear, and play both instruments. There's no sense in dedicating yourself to one or the other, playing bass will make you a better guitarist and vice versa. Keep your Gibson, and just save up money to invest in a better bass amp, and eventually a better bass.
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Dude,if you don't feel like being the bassist,don't be the bassist,it'll make you miserable.
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If you have to ask someone else what to do, then don't.
You and only you can decide what you want.
(Don't sell the Gibson if you go bass though )
Play bass if you want to on your own terms. Don't throw away something you love because your bros want you to be in their band.
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do what you enjoy more. if you dont want to give up your guitar and you'd rather play guitar, do that, but if you would want to try playing bass for the band more than you would rather play guitar, go for the bass.
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