Basically as the title says. I'm not allowed to play guitar for the next two weeks due to RSI in my left wrist, and I was wondering, how can I keep my technique from going to absolute shit (nore-so than it already is)?
well, with RSI i don't think you want to make it worse - so there's really nothing you can do.

Just let it heal? 2 weeks isn't that long? If you're tech goes to shit in 2 weeks that's a problem of it's own.

If you wanted you could still practice picking with your right hand, work on diff picking rhythms, triplets, hybrid picking, whatever suits you. The best thing IMO would be to let your left hand heal though.
practice string skipping, tremolo picking, picking in general, and write licks and solos using a piano or music making software.
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Put a hair band over your first fret and practice picking on all the different strings. (hair band is just so strings don't ring out and annoy you, having no left hand to mute and whatnot)
Honestly I would take the time to heal. You don't want to rush into anything or make it worse. My bass player is just recovering from a dis-located shoulder and he had to take about 3 weeks off from playing...even now he is getting back into it slowly. You don't want to mess with your body. You could always read some music theory or any kind of literature to keep engaged in music...
if you are having any sort of physiotherapist explain to them that you are a guitarist and can they include some exercises to help you..

other than that you`ve just got to let the healing process run it`s course, and build up your strength afterwards slowly.
I stopped playing guitar for three months and it didn't take two weeks to get my technique back. Relax. I've never seen someone lose technique that fast. It ain't hard to get back into it in five minutes.
it's 2 weeks ffs, it's not going to make a blind bit of difference.
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I know those 2 weeks will suck, but maybe just learn music theory. Anyway, I've heard that if you don't play for a while, then play all of a sudden, you're refreshed and play like a monster when you go back.
Fuck technique. Work on counting and reading new rhythms. Read up on theory. Write some music. Most importantly, LISTEN to music. Don't just listen passively. Listen analytically and try to learn from it. People are getting so caught up in picking patterns and bpm that they forget about what really matters. There are tons of ways to practice as a musician that don't even involve going near your instrument.
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