What are pros and cons of these?

Are these relevant or are they pointless..
Fuck it.
Just ego strokers.

Or ego killers.

One or the other.

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they're good for showing you how good you are at IQ tests, nothing more
They're a good way of measuring your reasoning, numerical, and linguistic knowledge compared to others, but it's certainly not the end all judge of intelligence in general.
My IQ is one billion.

/lie that always occurs in threads about IQ.

OT: I don't realy know enough about it to comment. Maybe a new test should be made.

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Pros: Another fun thing for competitive males to compete at.
Cons: Doesn't mean sh*t, inaccurate, pointless, nobody cares about the results, etc.
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Do you mean the ads that are 95% of the time having nothing to do with IQ, or an actual IQ test?
Abraham Lincoln's IQ today would be below 20. BECAUSE IQ tests don't test how smart you are. They test how well you know the world around you.
They mean nothing, because intelligence is difficult to define. Someone could easily score 120 on one test and 80 on another.

And I'm talking about real IQ tests, not those pointless banner ad ones.
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they just measure cognitive abilities, not knowledge. They're usually accurate within 5 points. Usually they are irrelevant because the abilities that are tested aren't really related to problems in real life, but IQ tests are pretty important in scientific studies and clinical settings, when working with mental handicaps and so on.
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they're good for showing you how good you are at IQ tests, nothing more

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Don't know about the proper ones, but the shitty free ones just make people of maybe slightly above average intelligence think they're a genius and brag about it.