Alright folks, some of you have told me about how you've finished your entry's, and every entry must be submitted in the same way, no questions asked, and here's how it'll go.


You must have pictures or some visual representation.
You must explain what it does.
You must also put some sort of identifier in the picture(s), so that the judges shall KNOW it is you.

That's it, if you don't have a camera, don't say you don't have a camera, because if you don't have a camera/phone with a camera/friend with a camera, you must be living in rural podunkville

The signup thread.

Hello! Some of you may remember this competition from last year and it's back again. This thread is to sign up for the GB&C Real Men Of Genius Competition. This thread will be contain the following

An Introduction
The Rules/Questions
The List of Competitors/Judges and
The Prizes

An Introduction

Well you know who I am, but some of you may be wondering, why do this Comrade? Well for a long time I've seen ingenuity all around me, throughout my life, and I'd like to (try) to install that sense throughout the GB&C. There will be prizes, what they are wont be revealed at this time, so without further adieu, here are...

The Rules/Questions


Q - What exactly is the purpose of this competition?

A - To build/mod something that is unique/works/and installs ingenuity in the rest of us, THAT'S what it's about.

Q - I'm not that great at building/modding, what CAN I do?

A - ANYTHING! The point here is again creating/modding something, to make sounds/functions that nobodies ever thought of! I don't care if it's a Ice Pack Pic, just try!

Q - What date's should I need to know?

A - For now, only one; July 9th, signups will close, and you'll be left out, so signup!

Q - What's in it for me?

A - Probably something pretty cool, a learning experience and maybe even some prizes

Q - What kinds of categories are their?

A - - GB&C RMOGC Categories -
1. Builds
a. Instruments
b. Pedals
c. Other
d. Mods (All mods counted under same category)

Q - What about a rubric on how we will be judged?

A - Creativity/30 - How creative is it?
Functionality/45 - How functional is it? (How well does it work?)
Appeal/25 - How appealing is it? (Why and what would make me buy this)

The Rules
1. The end product of your build/modification must be different than started.
2. No team efforts shall take place
3. Deadlines are deadlines, meet them or miss out
4. No making popular known modifications to your equipment unless you want a deduction in the Originality category of the rubric.
5. Please have fun

The Competitors/Judges

Jason Jillard
Invader Jim
lil PopTart kid
Tone Deaf

If you are NOT on this list, and you signed up, speak UP!


The Prizes

In partnership with CorduroyEW, the grand prize winner will receive a FREE set of Rock Monkey Pickups, i.e. if you have a strat you would get three single coils, a les paul 2 humbuckers and so on, so good luck to everyone!



P.S. Please put RMOGC in your thread title if you plan to make a thread. FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS!!!!

tldr; post your creation in this thread with pictures, and tell us what it does, and make sure you write your screen name somewhere in the picture

P.S. Keep all posts not pertaining to this thread out, entries only please

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Do you want a link to the thread? Or put a picture & description in here?

Thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1326426

Basically, it's got an input impedance of 6.7M to buffer the high output impedance of a homemade piezo pickup. It boosts the signal. A second cathode follower lowers the impedance to allow a tonestack to be used efficiently. The 2 more gain stages, the last stage has localized feedback to discourage distortion as well as lowering the output impedance to allow the preamp to drive valve or SS state devices. There's going to be a second version, but I don't have the parts needed quite yet. So there will be more.

(picture will go here once it's built)

Edit: I had to postpone my build, I ran out of eyelets, good luck to the rest of the competitors!
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If you want some more judges, I'd be willing to judge.
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