Im going to order the resistors for my build and was wondering what some good sites are that have quality parts and a large selection. I was thinking of using this site:


because its the best I could find. Another thing that I am unsure of is why using higher wattage resistors is more desirable (for instance 1 watt vs 1/2 watt). Would it be bad to use 2 watt resistors throughout?
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1/2 watt and 1 watt are both standard values, 1/2 watt are a little too thin for me and 1watt feels more sturdy so for signal resistors and some other resistors i use 1 watt. for the cathode resistor for some high current tubes/configs, use 3w or even 5w for power tubes if they're cathode biased. for power supply, into the power tubes' plates and screens i use 5w, and for preamp i just use 2w resistors. for screen resistors, i use 5w because it's easier to glue on the chassis since it's a box.
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So where do you get your resistors?
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anyone ever get the big resistor kits off of ebay? theyre cheap, like a dollar or two for 1000+ and u get a buttload of values. theyre from asian suppliers so idk if theyll last or its even worth it
You need to watch those asian made super cheap resisters. There are plenty of threads on other forums of those who bought them to find out they aren't what they are supposed to be. Things like wrong materials, not even working, or wrong values.
mojotone is a good place to look of you want carbon comp, rather than carbon film. They have new and NOS.
Since you are in Texas, I would order resistors from Mouser. I believe they have a distribution place close to you, which means ground shipping essentially becomes one day.

I live about an hour away from the main Newark distribution facility so if I order anything, be it one part or one thousand, I get them next day.

As far as resistors go, I usually use Xicon or Koa Spacer brand. As far as what size to use, 1/2W will work in a lot of positions in guitar amps. I usually use 1/2W Carbon Film resistors for most positions. Power supply resistors should be a bit larger, and I tend to get 5W fireproof resistors for those positions. I also use 2W resistors for screen grids on power tubes.

Carbon Comp resistors are somewhat of a debatable issue. Some people believe they sound better than carbon film, but they are unsuited for a lot of places. Really the only place that you may any sound improvement, I say may because I personally can't tell a difference, is as plate resistors.