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What are the pits addictions, if any

I am addicted to caffeine. So badly I've built up a tolerance and actually feel weird if I haven't had a pop during the day. I get kinda irratable and almost anxious. I need to quit drinking pop and anything with my drug in it

EDIT: Now that I think about it, guitar as well. I'm thinking up riffs, melodies and arrangements. I caught my self thinking up the layering guitars for a song while mowing. I also get anxious or feeling weird when I don't play at least once during the day. Its more of a great love for the instrument than an addiction though
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I am addicted to nothing.

Edit: Actually, I think I'm addicted to drumming. I think about different beats all the time and I'm constantly playing on my legs.
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Heroin. Shit's hard to break.

On topic, my computer. I can't go a day without it >_>.
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Caffeine as well.
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playing music

its gotten so bad that i cant think for a minute without melodies streaming through my head. its cool but distracting at times.
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Alcohol but I've been sober for five months.
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Nicotine. Am I really the first to say this?
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WoW, caffeine, Nicotine, Bass, and women. Not so much the women, since WoW came into my life.
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Guitar, I am constantly trying to think of a new idea, and always have music going on in my head.
cocaine is a hell of a drug.
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Caffeine, mostly Mt. Dew.

I'm also pretty damn addicted to music. Like I'll be away for a few seconds, in the bathroom or something, and start humming riffs I've thought up. I enjoy it.
Not necessarily addicted, but I do play a lot of pokemon... and spend a lot of time reading threads in the pit.
+1 to the caffeine one dudes.

My throat hurts in the morning if I don't have a pop.
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Nicotine, Caffeine, Music, (Both playing&listening) Adrenaline. But i enjoy all, so i don't consider it addiction
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I'm afraid to say incase Maximus comes and calls us all weak minded lulz..
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Pop isn't a nice thing to be addicted to
Terrible for you
Ditch that ASAP, bro, good luck
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Caffeine in the form of coffee.

I haven't been sleeping much lately so now i need a coffee or two a day to stay awake and aware, although I wouldn't call it an 'addiction.'
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I think all of the people who are saying stuff like guitar and drums are their addictions should look at the meaning of the word addiction.

OT: I am not addicted to anything. I used to be addicted to caffeine, but I broke that years ago.
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Crazily addicted to Mt. Dew, and Mt. Dew Code Red.. Also I can say I'm addicted to UG, I constantly check it even on my iPod. It's my homepage on my computer as well.

*Flamesheild up for this one*
I'm sort of addicted to Runescape. It's addicting and fun.

I am pretty addicted to guitar.. The ever lasting tone chase.

That's it off the top of my head.
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Nicotine. Am I really the first to say this?

That's what I was thinking. I was reading all the posts and I just went "Really?"
I get tired of things quickly. I don't seem to have an addictive personality. I smoke, but I've never really enjoyed it. it kills time.

I was smoking two packs a day for a few weeks, and now I'm down to a pack every two or three days.
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I'm out right now
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Coffee, cigars, and a little bit of alcohol

I should cut a bit on booze but my clients are a bunch of drunks and they hate drinking alone
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I was going to say nothing, since I'm not THAT addicted to the internet, I don't find a need for it entirely.

But then I thought about it a bit more and realized I have an addiction to Technology, it just sort of flows in the blood. Like a guitarist without his guitar, or a drummer without his drums, etc.
music, instruments and gear etc.
UG a little bit I guess
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I'd say I'm addicted to UG, but the truth is I'm addicted to the internet as a whole. I seriously have experimented withdrawal symptoms by going a few days without internet.
Also, I've been thinking if I really am psychologically addicted to a few people, or is it that I'm addicted to sex? or love maybe?
And finally, I think I'm also addicted to working out :/
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Nicotine, alcohol and caffeine.

But lately alcohol's been a little less of an addiction for me.
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