What kind of pedal would I use if I wanted my bass to have really heavy distortion, so that it sounded like a regular guitar with distortion, just an octave lower?
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a distortion pedal?

I don't think I understand the question.
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i ussualy use a digitech bp50 it have the boss metal zone distortion and sound very well but overpowers the amplifier make vicious the sound, using with a cry baby bass souns very heavy
Like I wanna play meshuggah-style guitar riffs. Is there I way I could get a sound like theior guitarists, but on a bass? An 8-string is a bit out of my price range.
Bass Big Muff would be good for that. Any bass distortion/fuzz is going to sound like guitar distortion but an octave or two lower, that's how the bass works.

Edit: oh, you want to be in the octave between the E string on bass and E string on guitar? Then play the riffs up higher on the neck, or get an octave up + fuzz pedal.
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Fuzz pedals like the Bass Big Muff Pi seem to wrk better than distortion pedals if you EQ right.

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To my ears, using distortion on bass has more of a fundamental note loss than on guitar. Like, it is probably the same, but I feel as if with bass, you need to hear the individual note more. If you want to sound like a guitar, using a guitar distortion will do that!
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I had the EHX Big Muff Pi, now I have an Ibanez PD-7 and it gives a more guitar like distortion. The Big Muff didn't really give a guitar like distortion IMO
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I use a Little Big Muff .

If I combine that with a chorus and my Sansamp Overdrive, it sounds nuts.