Hello dudes and dudettes, just thought I would share some music with everyone. I just started a new band called We Can Be Heroes. We're from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. We started this band when all of our previous bands fell apart and we wanted to start something we can actually be proud of. So here it is. All of the songs posted on our myspace are demos and are not the final versions of the songs. Just a little something we recorded to share with everyone.

Feel free to listen, give your opinion and if you like us, it would be great if you could spread the word

Music is good but the vocals are really nasally and a little hard on the ears. Tell the vocalist to open up a bit and you guys could really be something.
I like this! I work with a music project called TheTapMusic.com. They will upload your music and help you contact music supervisors who place music in commercials and movies. email info@thetapmusic.com to get started. *There is nothing to pay for here, no charges or fees either*
Little update! We just had a photoshoot today as well as finished a new song. We hope to have these up within a week or two. And a little bit of a set back for us, but our bass player quit the band a little while ago. We're looking for a new bass player. We already have 2 shows set up in September and we have a friend who is in a touring band booking us some local and out of town shows.

Also, these demos really aren't good at all.. haha. It really doesn't capture our energy. We have also changed the songs a little bit to what we think is better.

Feel free to to tell me what you think of the songs! Good or bad