i was wondering what itd be like to have a HSS strat but with another humbucker in between the single coils making it HSHS. To me it sounds like it could be the ultimate versatile guitar but it seems like no one else has done this. so i was wondering if there might be a reason why no one has done it. are there things that would make it impractical or impossible such as wiring, magnetic interference, position, etc.? i specifically want the four different pickups because i want the two humbucker to be made for metal while the singles remain fender noiseless. so i can go from that sexy clean strat sound to heavy rhythm as well as lead. singles just cant scream like a humbucker and a tapped humbucker just cant compare to an original fender noiseless.
idk about 3 pickups, there might not be enough room. how about you just put 3 humbuckers in a strat and then coil split each one. I think that would be even more versatile yet.

there are plenty of humbuckers that are good for metal but can still be as warm as fender noiseless.
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I don't think there's even room for that config. Good luck to you if you try it though.
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having four pick ups would be a wiring hassle unless you have master volume and tone
also switching between them would probably be a pain
hss and hsh looks nice neat imo
im sure theres also something to do with the position of them
id personally have an hsh with a coil split for most versatility
but if you want to do it by all means do it
get stacked buckers man, would save you ALOT of time
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The only problem with the wiring is most normal guitar switches only do 2 or 3 pickups. You could get something like a super switch, but that still only has 5 positions. Maybe some rotary or on/off switches would work like you want.

And the main problem is just space, if it would fit on the guitar.


i think it would definitely fit. especially if i dont use the housing thing that most humbuckers come with. the strats i have dont have that on the humbuckers anyway so itl probably match better too. would it be possible just to add another volume and tone pot? or wire it so that the neck tone works also with the humbucker? the 2 volume pots would allow me to turn down the other pickups and turn up the humbucker so i wont need a switch for it. or maybe even a killswitch for the humbucker? i dont know much about pickups wiring so sorry if i ask ridiculous questions. i really want to try this on one of my squiers before going all out on my american strat. i will have a professional wire them lol so dont worry about that but i just wanna know what to tell him to do exactly.
Here is a photoshopped picture of what i think it would look like. the added volume and tone are for the neck humbucker but if i could wire the original neck tone to work with the humbucker, the extra tone pot wouldnt be needed. the black circles are where i could potentially put a toggle switch to turn the neck humbucker on/off... this way i wont need to wire it into the toggle switch on the guitar and it would be able to be used with any preset pickups configuration for versatility.... as well as to have a cool killswitch. please point out flaws in my idea and help me fix them =)
Icould be wrong but check out the Starr switch 4+
Or just go with individual on off switches
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If I where gonna wirethat thing up, I would use strat switching plus an individual on off for the mid bucker. maybe a humbucker volume tone and a single coil volume tone? set it up lik a lespual (kinda)
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I'd say move the mid coil back more, space them out a bit. You could have a master tone and volume, that would be a lot easier. Or even just concentric pots, controlling w/e you want.

I'd still say go with a superswitch, rotary switch, or individual on/offs. You could even do with just the normal 3 way and a switch to turn that pickup on and off.


Check to see if those added control knobs are going to be in your way. Even with the stock configuration, I have trouble when muting at the Bridge while playing metal.The top Volume knob get's in my way.

In that picture, you have those knobs right next to the strings.

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I think you should have only one Volume and one Tone, if you want to have enough room.
Anyway you have to find a 7-way switch.