So I've sold my amp to a guy on the next island over. I'm sending it on a little airline that uses prop jets, just a small regional airline. It's only like a 70 mile journey but mined to pack the amp safely.

When I find the box, I'll need to package it safely. How can I do this? I don't have the box it came in or packaging stuff. How do I go about packing this sucker up?
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Use polystyrene foam, or lots of plastic bubbles. AirPlus is one brand. Use lots of it, so that the amp can't move about in the box. You should get a box that is about an inch in each direction bigger than the amp, if you can, to minimise how much packing foam you need.
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Like Seemel said, use lots of polystyrene foam and bubble wrap. Also, put the box with the amp in, inside another box.
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My Mark IV got shipped to me in a box about 25% larger than the amp itself, completely encased in foam (at least 1 inche either side), about 1000km (about 600 miles) in a truck and it was fine.
I'd double box it just to be safe though.