Just a short piece I wrote, i might finish it later...when it's not midnight xP

18 staring down colossal lies
Starting up, but failing before we try
I said the words that spoke the truth
I opened a world you never knew

You screamed for me to get out
Now its time for the world to see what your about
Lives that should have never met their faithful end

Its an aftermath
Wreckage of the hearts and planes you transgressed
The feeling of love, was actually possessed
I can’t take enough from you to undo…
The painstaking memories of those who met you

I yelled hollow echoes
Resounding from the bets I placed in you
Maybe I could crush you with your lies
Then sever all your ties
But as I burn in your eyes
I realize you did that.. and barely even tried

Hopefully you won’t remember me
It’ll be one less stain to burn from my memory
wow!! i love it especially because i liked the topic alot! its a GREAT piece! keep on writing
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I write poetry
And it sucks.