Has anyone else played one of these (two)? The one I tried at guitar center looks like a gilmour strat. I looked up information, but couldn't find any.

Now, I was content with the neck profile. It's chunkier than my Squier (my pamphlet said C but it felt like a U), but they share a neck radius (9.5") and tunes remarkably well (and stays in tune better, too ). Plus, it had that gloss ( ) which makes playing the neck smoother. The bridge pup is still shrill--to me, anyhow. I haven't seen the HSS model, yet, but I'm curious. I mean, I've never been drawn to the HSS format since its look is not as streamlined, but that's just me.

I've been looking for a new Fender for some time. The regular MIMs don't pique my interest, but this and the Deluxe Players did. However, I've never played the DP, but its neck radius is right up there with the Les Paul's. But, it does sound nice in the youtube vids...

*Note--strat was played through a Jet City JCA20 Half-stack.*