I was wondering if there is a good way to turn an MXR distortion + into a nice clean boost. I am using a modded DS-1 as a dist. boost but the solos don't really stand out in the mix. I love the sound I get but just need a quick boost of volume. I can buy a regular boost if i can't do something with the pedal, and if so, any recommendations?
I'd imagine you'd be able to do something like decreasing the gain by using a lower resistor in the feedback loop, and taking out or bypassing the clipping diodes. But the people in The Ultimate Pedal Building Thread should know.


i bought a used boss ge7 EQ pedal from a guitar center in texas (im on maryland..ordered by phone off GC website used section) for 40 bucks....48 and change shipped.

i use it as a boost with a mid boost (mids up, and volume up). it has an independant volume control so you can only boost volume up to 15 DB. plus, if you want a lead tone, you can move the sliders to shape your one.

HOWEVER. if teh pedal is on with another boost/distortion pedal, it does have a slight hiss to it. the more you move the sliders the more teh hiss. but i never noticeit because its only on when i want loud, or i want to solo in which case you can never hear the noise.

you can only hear the noise when i dont play.

bottom line, for 40 bucks i cant ask for more. its what 100 new? and i might get a noise gate in the future anyways cause my distortion pedal adds a slight humm.

one thing - dont get caught up in DB levels. boost pedals say they go up to like 18-20+ DB. you will never use it. that is WAY TO LOUD. i think my volume on my EQ is up like maybe 3-4 DB and the mids are boosted not even 10DB, while some others are cut. 15DB (my pedals max) is far more than i would ever need to boost or cut.

i also used my distortion pedal as a clean boost. i agree. not clean. with teh crunch channel on my lead sound was fuzzy and disgusting. just sounded bad. boosted, but bad. my BOSS EQ is CLEAN. it sounds good on the clean channel with its own sound, and it boosts the crunch channel into more overdrive, with a louder, lead channel sound (well for me atleast).

needless to say, i am 100% happy using an EQ as a boost pedal. perfect. in fact, i might buy 2, i as a boost, one for a funky rythm sound at normal volume.