I can't find anything on this. I would love to know some amp settings and gear I could use to get close to his sound from Back for the Attack. I am using a 500t pickup on my explorer through a DS-1 Monte Allums "Roxx mod" as a booster with my amp dist. at 3 o'clock contour - 1 o'clock and bass and treb at around 3-4 o'clock. I know a randall or Plexi would help but those aren't in the budget. Any gear recommendations or setting changes, I am close but it still seems so far away.
500T is a ceramic magnet pickup, George has the SD Screamin Demon which has an alnico V magnet in it and he uses maple bodied guitars. That could be your missing link if you're really anal about tone.
Quick question though, what amp are you currently using?
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My guess would be an MG with those settings. The DS-1 is voiced completely wrong for what you want TS. We need to know the amp.
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Its an MG250dfx, not great with pedals but cheaper than a tube. I know that he uses a tubescreamer copy or something but i could have sworn I read that he used to use a ds-1. (I had it lying around so I thought I'd mod it and use it). Yah im not really that anal i like Gibsons.=)
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Sure he may have used a DS1, but it would have a completely different effect on the sound when plugged into a different amp - that's where the weak link in your chain is. You're on a hiding to nothing trying to "boost" your amp distortion, you simply can't do that on a cheap solid state amp...you just get an assload of noise and feedback. The boosting trick only really works on tube amps.
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if anyone happens to stumble across this, I have just bought a soldano avenger and am looking at getting an ibanez ts808. So if anyone has any settings that they use for the dokken tone it would be appreciated.
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