Evening all, I'm seeking some advice on a recent ebay find: One of the newer, single threshhold Hush pedals. Got it for a steal and it seems in good condition however I'm having some trouble getting a satisfactory result from it. After reading the manual and some online reviews I tried running it in my FX loop first up and while it worked fine at getting rid of hum and feedback it seriously killed my tone, seeming to suck out a lot of my gain and punch. Not to be detered I then tried it in front of my amp to be rewarded with the opposite result, no loss of tone but it seemed to ADD noise instead of taking it away. So my question is what the heck am I doing wrong?!? I thought that perhaps when I'm running it in the FX loop my cables were to blame. I'm using 2 old, crappy 20ft cables instead of nice short patch leads so I thought it might be them killing my sound not the pedal. Does that sound viable? Or am I clutching at straws? lol
Anyways, thanks in advance for any help you can offer
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When I had my Roctron Hush, they only way it would work to cut noise but not tone was infront of the amp. However, like you, I found that it added its own white noise. I highly suggest upgrading to an ISP Decimator.
Is it just a regular Rocktron Hush, or did you get one of the new Reaction Hush's?
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The hush pedal is designed for infront of the amp I believe. Lots of stories of how terrible they are in the loop of an amp. The rackmounted hush units are far superior. I personally wouldn't go near a hush pedal.....
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