I tend to lean my hand against the guitar neck when I play certain riffs or chords. I was wondering if this is a bad habit I should break. I havent had many issues with it.....sometimes it will interfere with sliding down the neck or switching a chord but not enough that think I should stop doing it. I try not to sometimes but it feels awkward. Is this something I should definitly stop or does it even matter. Thanks for any help
Hi. Can you take any photos to show us what you mean?

Do you mean that your hand is resting on the side of the neck next to the high E string or is your palm against the back on the neck?
I have some photos but im not at my pc atm. But Im talking about my fretting hands' index finger resting against the neck at the high e first string. Sorry if theirs some confusion. I'll post them pics asap
lola! i have had many students who want to LEAAAAANNN BAAACK in their chair, LEAN OVER their guitar, and make other posture mistakes! playing position is VERY important, especially when it comes to playing harder material.

For example, when i am recording in the studio, i almost always prop my foot up and get into the MOST comfortable, accessible, playing position in which all my notes are reachable and clear.

my advice?

practice with a strap on and see if that helps. don't wear it too low though!!

when sitting down, sit up straight with shoulders relaxed, not hunched over or slouching!
I understand. I tend to lean back if im messin around(watching tv) . But to really get into something i normally always have to sit up and put my guitar face on