Just thought you'd all like to know have just enhanced their Money Back Guarantee to up to 45 days as part of their new Extended Warranty.

So now you can get up to 5 years warranty on many products, as well as 45 days to decide if you like it.

The last time I ordered something from Gear4music it took me 45 days to receive the product
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My bass was a G4M B-Stock. CTB-42M. Should have been £200, but thanks to a tiny chip in the lower horn I got it for £80. Bargain.
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extended warranties are usually a crap way to steal more money from the consumer.

they should already offer a 30-90 day no fee, return policy on defective products.
if not, go somewhere else.

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^ agreed. dv247 offers a free 4-year guarantee on pretty much everything. It also has free postage over £200 too (including northern ireland, as far as i'm aware).

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