Well, I just did finished working on an old LP Goldtop for one of my regular customers, the guitar was modded with a set of stacked humbuckers and I just happened to have two vintage early 50s P90s so I was able to restore the guitar to the original condition and made quite a bit of dough so I figured this guitar I bought was a freebie and I still have money left over for another if I want. I promised myself no more guitars but it was a tax free weekend here in Massachusetts so I decided just to look at guitars so all weekend I was hunting thru the shops. I must have played 150 guitar between Sat and Sun I was considering a metallic blue Gibson SG GOW or GOM 83/200 that was cheap around $600.00 but I found this Peavey Sig Series EXP in Cherry Sunburst with a great quilted maple top so I decided to give it a shot. I never owned a Peavey guitar and only ever played one HP MIA series one. I was very surprised at the quality and playability of this guitar MIK. It was the best guitars I tried all weekend. This Export guitar was just as good as the one MIA that I had tried that was a lot more.


Peavey HP Signature Series EXP Features:

* Cherryburst
* 24-3/4" scale set-neck guitar with a one-piece mahogany neck
* Rosewood fretboard with white synthetic binding on neck
* Quilted maple veneer top on a three-piece mahogany body
* 24 frets
* Grover die-cast machine heads with 18:1 ratio, dual torsion rod, and Tune-o-matic bridge with dual compression tailpiece with string-through tubes
* Two humbucking pickups
* One master tone and two master volume controls with three-way switch
* Gold-plated hardware

The guitar sounds great plays pretty good. Not sure how hot the pups are I can't find specs on those but I will try and find out. They sound great clean and with the heavy distortion I use. All in all a very nice versatile guitar and after a good set up I am sure this will be awesome the action is a little too high for me. Now that I have tried Peavey guitars and this is a mid range guitar they sold for between $550.00 and $600.00 new I paid $250.00 with a HS Coffin Case. A great deal IMHO and well worth twice that. I'll bet if i removed the EXP truss rod cover and covered the info on the back of the headstock no one could tell this and the HP.

Peavey do actually make pretty decent guitars, this as proof ofc.

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Thanks guys, You know I didn't even notice until I was cleaning and putting a coat of polish on it that the top is not book matched but one solid piece of quilted maple!
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^that's 'cause it's probably a photo top, if not a veneer. Have you looked at if the top is actually maple or if it's just mahogany with a veneer/photo top?
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The top is a veneer but I do not know how thick it is. I sent an Email to their customer service dept.