I'm looking at getting the Stephen Carpenter ESP 607b, and knowing that it's got naturally wider neck being a 7 string and all, combined with the fact that it's got a 27" neck, which is the longest guitar neck I know of, will it be hard to procure a hard case for it?
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You can always use a bass case if you need to, but i'm sure you'll be able to find something at Guitar Centre

I wish I had a Guitar Centre...

I do have a little local guitar business called "Guitar Factory" though. They order stuff in and what not, I'll have to have a talk to them about it.

And if not, using a bass case isn't a bad idea.
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So you're in Oz too then

Same thing, either there or Billy Hyde

What about Allan's?
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I love Allan's and Billy Hyde just bought them out

Lolz... but Allan's was there just 7 months ago!