Hey guys, I play guitar and sing in a jazz/blues band. The other 3 members are bass, keyboards and drums.

We're doing a cover of Take Five in a pub in a few weeks, and there's a long unaccompanied drum solo in it. Thing is, I've never been in a situation like this on stage, where I won't be playing anything for ages.

Basically, does anyone have any tips on what to do onstage during the drum solo? I want to disappear into the background so that my drummer can have his time to shine.
move aside so that the public can see the drummer, mute your strings so they wont make sounds, just watch yourself and show to the crowd that you're loving his drumsolo as well.

haha i kid,
stated above mute guitar, you could play a little to keep your fingers warm, or sit back and watch your drummer at work =)

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enjoy the drum solo. also, roll down the vol. knob on the guitar
i actually wouldnt do anything that would make the audience look at you such as tuning your guitar or playing a little bit with the volume off. be respectful and just stay out of sight
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I saw Brubeck himself play that song (he's 90 and still touring..)! The drummer that played with him was amazing and the solo he took in that song was intense.

Anyways, like other people said, I'd turn down the volume knob and make sure that you're not going to make any noise no matter what. I've come to notice that if no one else is playing, and the drummer is loud enough and doing a good job, all attention will go to him anyways. Realistically, unless you're jumping up and down or shouting, all eyes will be on your drummer. Just stay relatively still and try not to look bored as you'll come off as unprofessional.. And remember, there's nothing wrong with watching his solo yourself.
Watch him. Do some air drumming.
If you want to add to the show you can "help" him on the cymbals.
Wow, I wish I had a band like that! (well, me and my drummer occasionally jam on Take Five during practice, but never live).

Anyway, yeah, just step aside, check your tuning (if you have a tuner which cuts the sound). Roll your volume knob off, take a drink. Depending on how long the solo is just take a minute to relax. Enjoy your bandmate's work!
have a smoke(or a drink)
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try to be invisible and do ur thing, but if ur still in the spotlight, be active and keep ur stage persona rolling. try to project how awesome the solo is to the audience by showing them how u feel it. idk about bangin cymbals, but feel free to try and work the crowd. if u look bored or preoccupied, tho, the crowd loses their focus and starts talking/txting. dont let that happen. keep them hooked.
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and find a way for ur facial expression and movements to say "i love it. u love it. lets keep lovin it."
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Go backstage and grab a beer.
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when our basist has a solo, me and the other guitarist usually dance around him. granted, we dont really have long solos, and we play metal and punk, so i guess its apropriate. Just be carefull to always mute your guitar.
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Do some air drumming.
If you want to add to the show you can "help" him on the cymbals.

Don't do this.
These ideas are lame and you'll just come off as an attention *****.

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when our basist has a solo, me and the other guitarist usually dance around him.

This is also lame and the bass player has the right to punch you.

The point is, when someone is taking a solo, just stay out of sight because it's their moment to shine. Don't dance around or play air drums or get in the way ("helping" with the cymbals) or anything like that, because not only do these things draw attention away from the soloist, but they make you look stupid.
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and find a way for ur facial expression and movements to say "i love it. u love it. lets keep lovin it."

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think this is my favourite - I'm gonna say this in my head at the gig.

In my experience, helping drummers with their cymbals is a good way to start an impromptu drum solo using my body parts.
This all depends on the actual duration of the drum solo. I don't know the song so I don't know how long it will be.

If it's about 1-2 minutes, or less, stay on stage, the singer should get the crowd going, check your tuning, have a quick drink and just wait for him to finish. If it's in the middle of a song, and you'll need to start up again straight after, then you'll have to stay on stage and be ready.

If it's longer than a few minutes, and you don't have start up right away after he finishes, then have your singer say, "Ladies and gentleman, Mr *drummers name* on drums!" or something and head straight for the bar.

Don't grab a stick and start hitting his cymbals, don't play with a tambourine or dance round the kit or aim drum, you would more than likely just look ridiculous.
Stand to the side and raise a fist/lighter for the duration. If it's a long solo, have a drink and a woman.
Don't. Do. Anything.

Introduce him, and step to the corner of the stage and watch, with your back to the crowd, like you're just as interested as they are.
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just mute the guitar volume and enjoy a pint

never pass on an opportunity to drink beer!
Don't do anything, just give him his moment in the spotlight. Drink some water if you want (Why does everyone suggest "have a pint"? I've seen water as a lot more common and more useful)

Only participation on your part is maybe initiating or being involved in a hand-clap to go a long with his beat, if there's the appropriate part. But, seeing this as a jazz one, I'd say just stand back, look cool, and make sure you're ready to come back in.