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So here's the idea:

The body and headstock of an ESP Horizon:

Silverburst finish:

Chrome binding and dragon decal in line with my 6-string Warmoth:

Here are the specs:

Body: Swamp Ash
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Ebony
Finish: Silverburst
Hardware: Chrome
Pickups: HSS config, 1x DiMarzio PAF 7, 2x RioGrande Tallboys
Bridge: Hipshot non-locking trem

The guitar will be pretty much the same thing as my Warmoth, but 7 strings. The only real difference is the wood (Swamp Ash+Maple instead of Mahogany) and a 25" scale on this one. I'd rather have gone with 25.5" but Warmoth's 7-string options are horribly limited. 22 frets, top-adjusted trussrod and angled headstock would've been great too, but again, Warmoth just won't offer that for 7-strings. The Super 7 neck they offer is much more modern in its design, but it only comes with one pre-cut headstock... it's a bit stone-age, having to adjust the trussrod from the butt-end of the neck, but I guess I'll have to deal with it.

Anyway, on to the pics:

Body blank from StewMac:


They were at least cool enough to not drill for the tuner holes, as I asked for in the comments on the order form. Even if they're not a full-on custom shop their customer service is still excellent and they're easy to communicate with. I got some nice birdseye figure on the maple too:

It's a bit of a bummer that they didn't dye the ebony though, like they did on my last neck... so I'll have to buy a can of ebony dye too, wasn't expecting that.

I did a rough outline of the body contours, but I'm not satisfied yet... unfortunately I don't have a Horizon and I traded away my Schecter C-7 Hellraiser, and my 6-string Warmoth is away at the moment too... so I had to use my Woodo 7 as the model for now, but it's a bit more asymmetrical and RG-like than I'd prefer. The main issue right now though is getting a good center-line and neck pocket, I'll worry about the contours later.

I also did a quick, free-hand estimate of what the headstock will look like. I'll use a proper scaled picture of an actual Horizon headstock later on.

More updates to come! Cheers!
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Keep us updated!

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Quote by Glenn Guitar
Un-dyed ebony looks cool man.

I like that fretboard how it is.

Yeah, I'll give it some lemon-oil and see if it pops before I dye it, right now it just looks dry though.

Cheers for checking out the project, dudes
I think I've finally got a body shape I'm happy with, and also a good center line. I ended up using one of my sisters' equestrian plaques to get 90 degree angles in the neck pocket... whatever works, I guess

Quote by Aziraphale
Yeah, I'll give it some lemon-oil and see if it pops before I dye it, right now it just looks dry though.

Cheers for checking out the project, dudes

Looks like Macassar Ebony? I used some of that previously and it did look dry... until I put some lemon oil on it.
Alright, after some more measurements and conceptual sketching I'll probably cut this tonight or tomorrow. I'm happy with the body shape, everything seems to fit and nothing seems to get in the way etc.

I think that's the closest to a Horizon I'll get just from looking at pictures and doing a ton of freehanding and drawing/erasing curves.

I'll probably move the knobs a little bit further in and down, I don't want them to get in the way of the pickup switch, the trem arm or my picking hand.
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This build looks sooo promising!!
Personally I prefer the look of the 6-a-side headstock though.
I love you. Ill be watching this.
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Haha cheers dudes!

I've now cut the body and headstock and started carving... I'm only using chisels and an electric sander so I'll need some creativity to get the "S" shaped carve I'm after, rather than the RGA style carve it's getting now.

Thanks guys!

It's too late in the evening to do any more sanding, but I could at least dye the neck... I'll make one or two more layers of black and then probably top it off with a walnut stain. Tasty!

Did some more carving today, I couldn't use the electric sander inside the cutaways so I had to use a chisel, file and sandpaper. It took a long while but it's starting to come out pretty nice I also used the electric sander to clean up the sides, I'm not entirely done yet but it's a lot smoother and curvier now.

Very smooth and curvy indeed!

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Ive always wondered about necks with a large off to one side headstock like that, similar to a fenders.. it must all be carved out of one piece of wood no? Seems like a lot of wasted wood.. Or I guess they just cut two out of one piece of wood to minimize losses?

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The backside is taking shape, although not quite done yet. Soon I'll be ready to start the routing and really get this build going

Coming along nicely.
Doesn't the heel look a bit big?

EDIT: Oh wait, I just remembered it was a seven string.
Haha yeah but I'll probably angle it a bit more though to really maximize the upper fret access. The ash is strong as all hell so I think I can take some more off it without losing neck stability
Quote by MiseryMonster
just wondering.. whats a build like this cost?

Ok, these numbers are very rounded off but it's an estimate at least. Keep in mind I'm in Sweden, and also that it's a 7-string which bumps the price for pretty much all the parts (especially the bridge).

Body blank: $100
Neck: $150
Bridge: $270
Pickups: $100 x3 ($300)
Additional wiring and pots etc. I don't really know yet.

It'll probably be around a grand in the end, but that's a pretty fair price for a full custom i think... there are a Korean Schecters, LTD's and Ibanez's that cost as much.
Alright, the neck has got its second layer of oil... when this dries, Iäll go over it with some conditioner and a little steel wool and it'll be absolute ultra-smoothness!

The neck is pretty much done (I'll let it harden for a few days and the go over it with light sandpaper to make it perfect), and the body has got its first coat of dye. I'll be making it darker for sure, maybe two or three more coats, but I'll definately let the grain show

The camera flash makes this picture pretty redundant, but either way, after 3 more layers of black dye the body is a lot farker and the grain is more visible.

Quote by salgala2000
Looks great. How many more layers are you planning to put on?

I think this was the last one, it looks really bright in the picture because of the flash but in reality it looks more like my Ebony Woodo, a really dark and cold brown:
Yeah, either clear coat or oil. A clear coat will create a "shield" for moisture, whereas oil will replace and repel moisture. Without either of these two, the wood will be exposed and can warp and even rot.

I'll clear coat the body because I'm doing different kinds of paint on the front, which doesn't work well with oil. The neck is oiled so far, but I'm not sure I really like it that much, as it seems to get sticky.
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