I've always liked herman's tone on the dragonforce albums, but ive never managed to pick it up myself. I only have an ibanez GAX30 with humbuckers, and just need a rough guess on what his amp settings are. any help is appreciated.

Just try some random fingering at lightning speed. Should sound like him.

To be serious...you won't get a similar tone with your gear. You have to boost the mids and the highs, there's not too much bass in his sound. But these things won't make you sound like him.
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Actually Li's sound has a lot of bass, he is the bassier of the two (just listen to the rhythms during live solos)

You'll need hot pickups, DiMarzio EVOs are always good for lead tones, and some Laney amp, I don't what model(s) he's got, try checking the DF official site?

Also, he uses a lot of effects in his leads, whammy (the pedal kind), wah and various others... You don't need those for his TONE, but to sound like him overall.
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I thought he was playing Laney's and VHT's. i also remember reading something about the AxeFX
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