The time dies
In a lucid disguise
And now im left alone

All i want is all i see
And this nothing is killing me

The river between
Is readying me
For what may come of this

Will i last the day?
Will you call my name?
'Cause this nothing is killing me

Its killing me

I walk past the door
'Cause i know there is more
On the other side of this

Have i been here before?
I thought there was more
On the other side of this
It's all right. The rhyming scheme is a bit repetitive IMO. I think its also very vague, and a wee bit hard to understand, though I fail at language, so that could just be me.
I would work on trying to get the rhythm of your stanzas more consistent. Like, line by line, stanza by stanza, here's what your syllable count looks like:


What I would do, is I would try to get 5-6 syllables in the 1st and 2nd line of every stanza. I'd say 6 is optimal, but with 5 you can extend one so that it still fits. You could probably aim for 6-7 for the 3rd line. You don't necessarily have to totally rewrite anything, but there are some simple changes you can make, like changing "there is" to "there's". Also, add a third line to your 2nd stanza, and try to figure out what will be your verses and what will be your chorus.
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thanks! yeah, the way i wrote it out probably looks messy and stuff, cuz i basically just threw it together. i actually made it into a song, and it works in there. im just not good at writing it out properly