I have searched everywhere! I have contacted Bugera, and about 10 different guitar stores and can't find anywhere. I live in South West Wales but I am willing to travel. I can go as far as Bristol (130 miles) and maybe a bit more. It has to be under £480. Any suggestions?

Plus, have any of you tried guitarampkeyboard.com (GAK) because they have it quite cheap.

Any help is appreciated!
wheeey someone else from Wales!!
i've bought from GAK a few times, mostly pedals, and one les paul. they're really good actually, delivery is fast, and items are packaged well enough. plus their customer service is quality
you'd drive 130+ miles to get a amp?
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Man, thank God the russians created UG. Otherwise, how would I have gotten this information?
@100% well... my parents would! lol. Ye I just read some reviews about GAK and most of them are bad but I think it's wrong because people don't usually write reviews for websites unless they are complaining. I will take that into consideration.
It's a sign from above. To me, the message is very obvious. Do NOT get a Bugera.

@Metallon what? Why not get the Bugera? It's apparently as good as £1000 amps and is certainly better than my line 6 spider 3 15w! lol
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@Metallon what? Why not get the Bugera? It's apparently as good as £1000 amps and is certainly better than my line 6 spider 3 15w! lol
Word of advice: Don't buy amps purely off hearsay. I like Bugeras for what they are and they are a good option for someone on a budget but you can get a Peavey XXX or JSX used for the same price, if not cheaper which is what the 333/XL is cloned from
I just looked on ebay and there are no xxx'x for sale and I can't find a cheap jsx
I wasn't implying that you're going to trip over used Peaveys as soon as you step out your front door

It's just a suggestion. If you want the Bugera by all means go for it most of their QC issues have been solved, and with a tube swap/speaker swap are brutal but if I were you i'd try and find the real thing. Sure, the steak takes longer to cook than the hamburger, but why eat hamburger when you can have steak?
The 333Xl sounds much better than the Peavey triple X, however I dont know about the combo versions. People here say the 333 is based n this peavey and the 333xl of the JSX. They will say that the 333xl is just a 333 with EL34s. The 333xl is better than the mentioned peavies in terms of tone. Cleaner and bigger.