Yes I checked the search bar. I was wondering about the quality of guitars here http://www.dillionguitars.com/index.html

They seem pretty cool, pretty classy, and pretty affordable, like a less well-known Agile or Vintage. Has anyone here tried one before? What did you think? I'm not quite in the market for a new guit yet due to financial issues, but next spring/summer I'll be looking around. I play stoner/desert rock, surf rock, AC/DC/GnR hard rock, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Green Day, etc. $7-800 is about my top in budget. I'm hoping to get something I can hotrod just a little bit...

Also finally, I don't want to hear anyone's crap about Schecter.
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website seems a bit amateur. but the guitars & specs (and prices) seem rather good!
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Necrosis has one and he says it's quite good.
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I hear great things about them. Their PRS copies look super sexy too.
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Also finally, I don't want to hear anyone's crap about Schecter.

but shektarrr izz da besssssst dey hav da koil tapz!

it's a pity their rickenbacker style guitars aren't made of maple - i doubt they sound much like rickenbackers. which surely is the whole reason you'd want a rickenbacker look-a-like
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I actually own a few of them. Rather good guitars for the money, just don't expect perfection at the $500 pricepoint, but that's a given.

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