What Orange Drop cap do I need for An Iron Gear Steam Hammer???

.022uF Or .047uf ??


DC Resistance: Bridge = 15kOhm
Pole Spacing: Bridge = 52mm
Magnet Type: Ceramic
Conductors: 4 Conductor

Im thinking of this wiring kit in this body with a stew mac neck and a gotoh bridge a planet waves locking tuners. a steam hammer in the bridge and 2 pig irons for the mid and neck both by iron gear. Any Good??

JIM EDIT: Just realized only two holes ok then what CAP???
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from the site you linked:

"Tip 2: You can use .47uF or .22uF capacitors. .47uF values are more often used with single coils as they have a greater range ang can help to tame some of the brightness associated with these pickups. a.22uF are more often used with humbuckers, but the 2 types are interchangeable to taste"

and I have no idea what you mean by your edit...you only have room for 2 pots? so just a volume and a tone?

like the site says, the value you choose is based on your own taste. I'd personally go with the .47uF, though you might find it gets too muddy with the tone rolled back and only the bridge pickup selected.

are you using 250k or 500k pots?
dude, answer in a sentence at least so we know what you're talking about.

you're using 500ks? cool, the single coils might sound a little bright, but thats when the tone knob's for

you're asking what 500ks are? they're usually used with humbuckers and give you a brighter sound than 250ks.
ok 500ks and .47uF capacitors do you know a wiring diagram for H S S with 1 vol and 1 tone???
yeah, it's personal taste, .047 will get rid of more highs when rolled down. Like Jim said, brands, in this case, are mojo.

And as of yet, all of your replies make about as much sense as your signature.