hi ,i just got my guitar rig 4 from ebay about two weeks ago and sadly i was ripped off and don't have a pedal or any product to plug my guitar into. Sadly... i can't return this. From ebay, i ordered a guitar to USB plug so that i can plug it into guitar rig and hopefully play, but i can't figure out a way to get the sound out of my computer speakers, since i apparently need to plug the speakers into the guitar rig pedal. So i'm just wondering. is there a way for me to use an outside USB cable and still get the sound from guitar rig out of my computer speakers?

Please and thank you
Don't be "too" broken up over not getting the pedal, to me it was a pos...and you can definitely find a better line-in device, preamp or USB interface than what NI ships with GR4.
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Yeaahh. Get an interface. You don't need the pedal to use it! It won't make much a difference other than you'll have to click an on-screen pedal with your hands rather than use your feet.