I searched it, wasn't there, if it's out there hiding I'll remove it. But this is a massive feud, and there was nothing I could find. Therefore, bring the pain. Which do you prefer, why, DEFEND YOUR PICKUPS!
EMG all the way
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Man, thank God the russians created UG. Otherwise, how would I have gotten this information?
Seymour Duncan. They don't make all your guitars sound the same like EMG's.
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It's like a day out for noobs


No VS threads and wrong forum.

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i want a POLL
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Reason to buy emg pickups....

Reason to not buy emg pickups.. ^

whats wrong with Zakk?
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whats wrong with Zakk?

I don't mind him, its just a joke about everyones opinion with him.

My friend wont buy 85 or 81's cause zakk uses them
Whoa, this is totally the wrong forum.
And VS threads are against the rules.
Sunn O))):
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You could always just sleep beside your refrigerator.

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Whoa, this is totally the wrong forum.
And VS threads are against the rules.


besides, all pickups sound different in different guitars. every tone is useful in different ways.