So, I've been working a ton this summer, and I have been playing different amps and trying to find the right one for me. After playing some, I settled on the Class 5. The Class 5 is a great amp, and I love it, but it lacks versatility. To compensate for my lack of versatile amps, I traded in some old, cheap gear, and bought a Super Champ XD for $100. This amp is great for the money, but I often find it lacking in tone. The clean is great, but the distortion is a little meh, and the heavy distortion sounds like the amp is vomiting noise at me. I have briefly played a Tweaker, and I really liked it. I have not been able to really spend some time with one though. I can sell these amps via Craigslist to get enough for a Tweaker without losing any money. So my question is simple... Is the Egnater Tweaker a good enough amplifier to justify selling my current two? Please share your opinions on the Tweaker, or my current two amps if you want. And of course, the all important answers to the questions you have...

Classic Rock, Blues, Little bit of Funk, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Santana. Those are the kind of tones I am looking for.

There aren't any big guitar stores within 2 hours of where I live, and I don't feel like putting that many miles on my car.

If I went used, it would have to be off e-bay, or Musician's Friend.

Thanks for any input.
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I would say do it. The Class 5 gets that classic crunch a bit better than the Tweaker IMO, but as far as versatility goes, it fits the bill. It will do the Marshall crunch as well as a Fenderesque clean (not to mention Vox too!)

The distortion is great, but for heavier stuff you may want an OD. The only thing this thing doesn't excel at IMO is modern metal.
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i would say it's good enough to justify selling the two. but being an owner i am biased.

i think a lot of non-owners would agree though.