Hello everyone.

What is the best way to record my electric guitar? Use a mic or use a cable to connect my amp to my pc?
That depends, what is your current rig?
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probably be more worth it to get a good interface and some solid amp sims. the amp is decent, but there is a lot in the way of free amp sims out there. heck, i love my amps and half the time i go DI into a sim anyway.

i find it is often easier to get a good sound from an amp sim. but you can typically get the best sounds out of micing a good amp. so with middle of the road or low end amps, just use the sims unless you really, really love your amp.
I used to record using a mic and my Line 6 Flextone III, but I sold it, and while I was waiting for my new amp to come in, I used a USB-guitar cord to connect straight to the computer. I didn't even use an audio interface. I used Guitar Rig 3 for all of the effects. The sound was so clear.
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