Ok, I don't want something super Nashville quality studio sounds just something to get by. I'm just wanting to know what I need to get to make some tunes, right now I have a Dell laptop. I'm really amateur at recording, just looking to make some demos. I don't need anything better than like Bon Iver or The Scene Aesthetic (their old stuff) quality. I'm mainly looking to record my vocals, acoustic guitar (which has a pickup in it.) and maybe keyboard (which has a MIDI plug and a regular cable jack output.)

And so I'm looking hopefully in the 200-300 dollar price range, but if it had to go higher I could probably spare some more. So please UG, give me some info
Software-wise, try REAPER, hardware, try the Alesis io2
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To record, any audio editing software will let you record plus it'll let you mess around with your recording (which is kinda fun).
first you will want an interface. laptop usually means USB, since most dont have firewire. with $2-300 you can get a solid 2 channel inteface and a solid mic.

for interfaces, the focusrite saffire has been getting some good buzz on here lately. the m-audio fast track pro is another solid choice. presonus audiobox usb doesnt look to have line inputs, but it is still worth a look. another one is the e-mu 0404. no experience with it, but ive heard good things about the brand.

as for mics, ive gotta once again suggest the m-audio 990/991 bundle. that pair will sound better on your acoustic than plugging it in. the 990 works pretty well for vocals as well. they arent great mics, but they work well together and get the job done. audio-technica at2020 is another good choice.

throw in cables and stands and you are probably a bit over $300 depending on what you get. if you can pick up the interface used or open box, you can most likely keep it under $300 total.

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