When I first bought my Washburn it had a set of really light, smooth playing strings on it. After a few months they wore out and I put some Ernie Ball 10's on the guitar. They were much less flexible and harder to fret (though not to the point of complaining). So I then bought some Jimi Hendrix brand 9's and while they are a little bit better than the 10's, they are not as easy playing as those stock strings. Does anyone know what size/brand they might be?

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Maybe even .008s. Yes, they exist.
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I use .009 Elixirs and man do they feel good and sound good too. They're alot smoother than the Ernie Ball .009s and the D'addario .009s that I've used and as a bonus, last you for quite a while.
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Try D'Addario XL 9s, they should work for you.

By far the easiest bending strings I've ever used are Optima Gold. 24-karat gold plated so they do last quite a bit longer than usual, about the same price as Elixirs here in the UK but probably pricey in the USA.