I love weird synth effects. What are some cool effects pedals that can drastically alter your sound?
that looks cool, and pretty inexpensive. one question, what cables would I need to plug this into my guitar? RCA to 1/4"?
Well, when it comes to synthy stuff, most pedals out there that try for it are lo-fi fuzzes. Outside of that and stuff like synth pickups/midi systems, there's the EHX microsynth and other pedals that have controls that let you make your signal something reminiscent of synthesizers.

As far as not using individual pedals, i've found that one way to get synth sounds is to combine (maybe) a pitch shifter, an envelop filter, and some form of modulation. For pads and ambient stuff, a volume pedal can be added to imiatate the Attack and decay of a synth. it's all about experimentation though.
While it is more often associated with electric bass, most synthesizer pedals are nothing more than envelope filters. Get yourself a good envelope filter and you can get some amazing synthesizer sounds with it. Combine with a bit of delay for even more strangeness.
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