So I've been looking into a school to learn how to make and fully customize my own guitars, and I stumbled across this little gem. Seems pretty solid, and I'm thinking about applying for admissions in the not so distant future (after some bills get caught up and I finish the schooling I'm currently in..). My question is this: Have any of you fellow UGers attended or know anyone who has attended? And if so, what are your thoughts? Is it worth the price (2010-2011 school year rough tuition cost via the website reports $9950 not including materials, and general living expenses), and is the education and experience up to par? Any info you may have would be greatly appreciated.

wont it be cheaper to work with an actual luthier like just offer to work with one for free and such in exchange for some tips and experience
Yes, it would, but unfortunately there aren't many skilled luthiers in my area, and I have actually talked to several, and most of them say they just aren't willing to take an apprentice at the current time (usually due to them being hobbyist luthiers), or that they don't have the time to dedicate to a rookie like myself. =\
there is a user on here, I want to say his name is velly69, or something close to that. He went to luthier school and has a couple really neat acoustic and classical build threads around here. I think he would be the guy to talk to.