Hey UG,
I want to install a Kill-switch in my Fender Strat.

I plan take a wire that would be going to the volume pot, and split it. I would reroute the cable into a 2 way switch (no off). One direction of the switch would lead the sound back into the other end of the wire going to the volume pot (therefore having no effect). The other direction of the switch would lead into a normally open push-button switch (my kill-switch), and then would lead back to merge with the other end of the original wire..

Hopefully these above pictures show you what im talking about. All I'd need to do now, is just dremel some holes into the pickguard, and fit/affix the switches to the surface of the board.

Ok firstly, will this work???? Will the merging of the the green/red/black wire on the right side of the 2-way switch work? I don't know a terrible sum of the wiring of the guitar (2005 mexi-strat (real fender tho ))

Secondly, do i need to know anything about magnetic fields? will adding the new wire ( COLOURED IN THE ABOVE PICTURE ) disrupt the original sound in anyway? the wiring i have is 18-Gauge stranded.

Thanks a lot!!!!!