what are some scales used in metal for a guitar ?
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I heard Phrygian Mode, but obviously, lotsa bands use lotsa scales in lotsa songs for lotsa reasons. Try a few positions of the minor pentatonic scale - it's a pretty simple scale, that's pretty useful for solos, in my opinion. I heard someone say Slash uses them a lot, though I can't confirm that. Read this

Depends what you're after really. The harmonic and melodic minor scales can add a nice touch to you're playing, for more in depth things, you can try the phrygian dominant mode, though it can be a bit odd.

Just experiment really (:

^ and yes, Slash uses the minor pentatonic, though so do most people at some point (:
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It's always good to get the basics down first.

So learn the minor, major, penatonic and blues scales first. These are actually all the scales that Slash uses. From there you can feel free to expand.
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